Learn about the Top Minecraft Prison Servers Play

Tens of thousands of gamers play in anarchy, murder, or a lot of grinding on prison server servers every day. It is a dystopian world like none I have ever seen in a videogame. It’s unlike most. Servers for MinecraftPrison servers are a place where you can jump straight into the action. They only give you a pick, and sometimes some starter items, so you’ll be at the bottom.

You can earn money by mining stones, ore, and gems from mines. These are usually open and often PvP safe zones. Ranking up can give you various perks depending on which server you are on. However, until you reach the top level, it does not mean that you will have access to new mines with more profitable ores.


DestinyMC should be undoubtedly one of the Minecraft Servers. If you are looking for the best prison server that offers more game modes than what you can play, you should check out. It credits the prison game mode as well as other game modes such as Survival, Pixelmon, Skyblock, and others. The server offers a unique gaming experience with a ton of personalization.

Purple prison

This server has been in operation for six years and currently leads the pack player count. Purple Prison is played by thousands every day and YouTube stars are among them.

It is unrivaled in terms of gameplay, offering a variety of unique features that appeal to a wide array of gamers. It features a prison ranking system, player-created plots and businesses, PvP groups, and a rewarding prison mining experience that never ends.


It is one of the most well-known servers for prison games. This Minecraft server doesn’t just offer prison games. It also offers many other game modes like Survival, Survival, Towny, and Skyblock. This server is very active and has many fans. MineSuperior is also updated regularly and hosts weekly challenges and events to keep things fresh.


There is plenty to keep you busy for days or even months. They use three game types: Skyblock, Prison, and Survival. This server offers custom enchantments, job levels, crates, chests, races, and even weddings. MineVille is one of the most popular Minecraft servers, offering regular updates and a vibrant community of enthusiasts.


It’s a Minecraft prison server that is set in space. Players play as astronauts who are trying to escape from a space dungeon. It is very well designed and you can see the care taken from the moment that you login. Pluteria players can do many cool things on the server, including fighting space monsters and exploring prison mines on different planets.

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