These past few months have been tough and harrowing for everyone. Now people are trying to cope with their callously demanding jobs and studies, while some are clueless about what to do with so much time in their hands. Well, even if you don’t belong to either of these audiences, this list of inspiring movies will surely give you a way out of your dilemmas. So please sit back and unwind yourselves as we present you the top 5 inspiring Hollywood movies of all time.

The boy who harnessed the wind (2019)

You might be familiar with the chronicles of eminent personalities like Alan Turing and Srinivasa Ramanujan. But you might have probably never seen a movie accounting the successful modelling of a windmill by William Kamkwamba. What’s so unique about this story? William was a 13-year-old dropout whose parents couldn’t afford his education due to crop failure. He didn’t let the obstacles in his life discourage him; instead, they fueled his desire to help his village overcome the famine. After much persuasion, he earns the trust and help of his family and villagers to build the windmill.

Joy (2015)

Though fictional, Joy is a self-titled movie revolving around the dreary life of the protagonist, who rises from the ashes like a phoenix. Joy is surrounded by people who have demoralised her continuously and a job that is much hard on her self-respect. But one day she’s struck by an idea, she knew which needed to be believed. In the pursuit of her dream, she meets with many mishaps but silences them all with the help of a few supportive individuals she comes across.

 Whiplash (2014)

This absolute masterpiece excellently depicts the story of many ambitious newcomers to life and what they have to lose to gain the only thing they are after. This movie is a reassurance to all those who might think life is giving them a little too much of misery. This story is about a young, aspiring drummer and his mentor who has quite odd ways of teaching. ‘There are no two words in the English language, more harmful than “good job”‘ might give you an idea about his character.

Silver linings playbook (2012)

An inspirational rom-com? Well, that’s Russell’s claim to fame. Danny is bipolar but escapes the hospital and returns home. He meets Tiffany, who also has a disorder, and they instantly get along. Danny wants to reunite with his wife, and Tiffany offers to help him despite her admiration for him. Both of them start doing better as they spend more time with each other. This movie will inspire you to be the Tiffany of someone’s life.

 Lion (2016)

Lion is a story about an estranged kid, Saroo who was adopted by an Australian couple. When he’s a grown man, Saroo keeps getting flashbacks of his life when he lived with his actual parents, in India. This leads him to the pursuit of finding his real home. The lion is inspired of the real-life story of the five-year-old Saroo who got estranged from his birth parents but found them 25 years later. This story will also inspire you to find a long lost home, that’s buried deep within yourself.

Happy watching!

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