Consumer Awareness: Things To Consider Before Buying Any Product

A consumer is a person who showed his or her willingness to buy goods to obtain its services from the retailer for its consumption. As the business activities are expanding its roots in the economy, we are seeing different kinds of goods available for us in the market; due to this, the danger of exploitation of consumers is also increased, which gives us a reason to be more alert full than before.

Factors causing exploitation of consumers

The consumers are normally getting exploited due to multiple reasons from time to time; even they get harassed by the retailers, wholesalers, producers, etc. Some of the factors causing it are as follows:

  • Limited information- if you are getting limited information about your products, such as the absence of product name, price tag, quality, manufacturing date, etc., it leads the customers to make a wrong choice and loss their valuable money in fake products.
  • Limited supplies-Sometimes there is a shortage of particular products, or they are in a limited amount due to which retailer tries to raise the prices of products from its original market price; it is against the law as considered as an exploitation of the consumer.
  • Low literacy rate-it’s been easy to exploit someone less educated
  • Limited competition in the market- when you are bounded to buy goods or services from a particular producer of goods, you get in a situation where he or she can restrict your supplies. Then you get in a situation where even knowing that you are getting exploited, you can’t do too much.

Buying a product

As the demands of goods and services are increasing, Companies started spending a lot of amount on the advertisement to attract the consumers. They are getting influenced by the advertisement in television, newspaper, and magazines without even knowing what they are going to buy as they don’t feed us all the information we need to know regarding the product. There are very few trusted product review sites like who provide honest reviews of any products.

Does the question arrive? What are the Things to consider before buying any Product? So here is the particular things are as follows:

  • It should be budget-friendly, do not give unnecessary pressure on your pocket
  • Don’t buy things you already have; appreciate what you have
  • Give a brief study to your options
  • Quality-always go for it
  • Understanding the terms of the sale
  • Saving receipts
  • Brand value

Objective of awareness

The objective of awareness is to create a healthy atmosphere between the consumers and producers, and giving them a brief about their rights and responsibilities. Some of the objectives are as follows:

  • To improve the awareness towards unfair business practices
  • To spread the knowledge of basic consumer rights and obligations between the consumers
  • To consume high-quality goods and services from the market

The government is also taking an interest in the awareness programs by doing publicity in various platforms online and offline both; one of the biggest examples is the “Jago Grahak Jago” campaign on radios, television, etc.

If you know about your consumer rights and duties, you can ensure the fair, competitive, and responsible markets to practice in your area. Hope you enjoyed this guide for Things to consider before buying any Product!

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