Despite every struggle in our life, nothing could be worse than affected by the flu. The viruses which cause this flu would be everywhere due to the seasonal change. Hence, from infants to older people, any person can get affected by this virus. However, the condition doesn’t require your physician’s advice and medication.

You can try drinking plenty of water and taking an ample amount of rest, to reduce the effect of flu. Apart from these, there are a few fantastic remedies you could try with the things found in your kitchen cabinet. Here are the home remedies.


Salt Water

Gargle with saltwater could be the perfect way to clear your sore throat. The saline water could help to get rid of upper respiratory infections. In a  glass of warm water, mix it with salt and gargle with it at least three to four times a day to get a better result. The remedy could eliminate the accumulation of mucus in the chest and removes irritants.


Adding garlic to your daily diet would also aid in reducing the symptoms of flu. This ancient spice contains allicin which helps to kill the viral infection due to its antimicrobial properties. Crush few garlic cloves and boil them in hot water. Consume the drink regularly to prevent the flu virus.


Honey is another best solution for the flu virus. Due to the antimicrobial properties, it could fight against bacterial and viral infections. Add two or three teaspoons of honey in warm water and drink it regularly. This remedy could help to relieve from sore throat and cough.

Green Tea

Green tea is preferred by most of the people as an energy drink and to shed their weight. But do you know it could relieve your flu symptoms? You can drink at least three cups of this beverage daily to get rid of the flu virus as it is an antiviral agent. Also, green tea could strengthen your immune system to avoid further infections.


Everyone knows about the medicinal properties of ginger. Cut the fresh ginger root slices into slices and boil it in hot water. Consume the drink regularly to relieve the symptoms of flu, including cough or irritating throat.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, and so it could boost the response of the immune system and natural defence. Lemon juice can reduce the effect of the flu virus in our system. Add lemon juice in your tea to build resistance against the virus. If not, you can drink lemonade with honey which could provide the same result.


Inhaling steam is the easiest way to get rid of flu symptoms like stuffiness and congestion. Boil the water using the stove and carefully lowers your face near to the steam. Inhale the steam through your nasal passage and take back to breathe in slowly. Make sure you are fully covered. Repeating the process would make the best results against the flu infection.

If possible, you can use some effective essential oils to get rid of the flu infection. Home remedies could provide better, steady, and effective relief from the flu. They might event prevent the infection in the first place. These remedies might not have a pleasant taste, but they have the potential to fight against the annoying flu virus.

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