What Are The Conditions Of Fees And Leverages In Olymp Trade You Should Know

As we know that trading is not possible with the help of brokers and obviously they will charge some amount for their service. If you are planning to trade Olymp trade in Spain then it might be good to know about their fees and leverages structure. Some other things like tutorial videos and demo accounts should also be cleared to you.

Now if we talk about fee then there is a fixed fee price for over-night trading which is 15%. Also, there are some other services too like account maintenance or any custodial fees for which you need to pay the price. There are some other subscription plans available you can go for and make sure to pay the price accordingly.

Now inactivity period is of 180 days which means if you have not used your account for 180 days then you need to pay the price for it. Either you have to use your account or deactivate the account in order to save 10 dollars to pay for the inactivity period.

There are some paid tools available too like a multiplier and many others for which you need to pay the price. Want to know more about Olymp trade? Click here https://www.invertiry.com/resena-de-binomo-es-un-broker-de-estafa-o-legitimo

What about leverage?

Leverage completely depends on the type of trade you are going for. If you want to save money in this then make sure to choose the leverage accordingly. There are some promised leverages up to 1:400 and on the other hand, if you are considering forex pair then keep 1:30 in mind.

These leverages are official and sanctioned so that there is no need to worry about anything at all. The average leverage ratio which is set is at 1:20 so make sure to know and keep this thing in mind.

Different payment method to consider

It is essential to use the payment method in order to deposit money so that you can easily deposit money without any worries at all. You can use a credit/ debit card which is easy and simple. Almost every person on this planet knows to use cards which might not be an issue for you.

You can also use bank transfer, cryptocurrency, skrill, Neteller and many other payment methods in order to deposit money right in your Olymp account. You should also know that the bank transfer might take more time like days to transfer the money so you can use other options instead.

No waiting for withdrawal

There is no need to wait at the time of withdrawal as it can be done in a single tap. Also if you are new then make sure not to worry about anything at all related to Olymp trading. Before withdrawal, you should also make sure to check out the market price of everything.

In this way, you do not have to face any losses and you can withdraw with assured profits. In this way, you can use Olymp trading services at its best and earn plenty of money.

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