All You Need To Know About The Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators are one of the earliest types of radiators still we are using in our day-to-day life. These devices work with a condensation system tied to a hot water or boiler system relying on a water heater. They allow hot water or steam to change heat from the water into the surrounding air.

Why Choose The Cast Iron Radiator Company?

The Cast Iron Radiators company is a significant exporter of cheap and luxury column radiators and cast irons. We are to supply our customers with radiators and the highest quality service. We have around ten years of experience in radiator production, and no team is educated to guide you to find the exact radiator to suit your house. We have a dedicated support group on call on 2/7 to answer any on-sale and after-marketing questions you have had.

How Do I Know If I Have Cast Iron Radiators At Home?

If you just entered into a home and found that some of the radiators occur to be cast iron. Possibilities are they will be, and they will work well in traditional home hot water boiler systems. In rare cases, mainly in the UK, you may come across cast iron radiators that use condensation instead of hot water. You can tell a system is using condensation as the boiler is the steam boiler. The second time, you won’t see this in homes, but when we look at older buildings that have old radiators, there may be a chance that a steam boiler is in use.

Are Cast Iron Radiators More Expensive?

As the process involved, it takes more time and skill than most modern radiators to get to the completed products. With various cast iron radiators having a unique design on the sections, you also need to factor in hand polishing, assembly, fettling, and pressure testing the product before it’s ready to be sold.

How Are They Delivered?

We provide free delivery by pallet network: radiators arrive on an array and are left outside the delivery address but not bought into the home. Double-man delivery permits us to bring the radiators into your home and arrange them into position. There is an insurance charge for this service.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Better Than Steel?

Cast iron radiators are better than steel. Both steel radiators and cast iron provide the same heat production and are as efficient, but they distribute their heat differently. It takes cast iron radiators longer to heat up, so you have to plan more and switch them soon to be heated to a warm temperature later in the day.

Health And Safety:

Although cast iron radiators have been around for centuries, they have been improved over time to be safe and health standard compliant.

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