Useful Books

Genealogists may find the following records books of the Old Dutch Church useful. The first three have been scanned and are available online at

William Graves Perry’s The Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow: A Record of the Early Gravestones and Their Inscriptions (1953, 175pp)

Source of information on early interments. Scans of this book have been posted to The Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns website, The book can be readily found in local libraries and historical societies.

The Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow, 1926

Published by History Research Society of the Tappan Zee, 1926, 87pp

First Record Book of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, organized in 1697 and now The First Reformed Church of Tarrytown, N.Y.

An original translation of the church's first record book, dating from 1715, with listings in four registers:  members, elders and deacons, baptisms, and marriages, from its organization in 1697 to 1791, by Rev. David Cole, D.D., Yonkers, N.Y., published by The Yonkers Historical and Library Association, 1901

First English Record Book of the Reformed Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow

Formerly the Manor Church of Philipsburgh, Now the First Reformed Church of Tarrytown; Ed. by Edgar Mayhew Bacon. 122pp, softcover, 1931